Managed Call Tracking

Our Software Is Unmatched

By utilizing our call tracking software, you’ll have no trouble finding out if your incoming calls are qualified. If the campaign needs some optimization to attract the visitors and generate higher quality leads, you’ll have all the answers in one place.

Robust Call Analytics

Record, track and analyze call performance with standard call-tracking metrics. The source of the call, the caller’s name & ID, phone number, and other KPIs are imperative to monitor.

Answered vs Missed Calls

Phone calls and feedback aren’t going straight to you from your clients are a thing of the past. Answered and missed calls will be recorded into your dashboard with data and time stamp, so you know have an approximate time of attempted contact.

Nothing Will Get Past You

If the prospective client can’t reach you via phone call, he can leave a message. Okay. I understand this isn’t mind-blowing. But not only will our system pick up the message, but we will also record and save the message! Everything you need to view from the call will be recorded and organized right into the dashboard.

What Customers Say

Fast, effective, efficient and amazing service! From a vision to action, right on point to what I desired and envisioned… the best at what they do, the Corporate feel and look. The staff is amazing, extremely attentive, detail oriented and patient. They designed our new website and we absolutely LOVE it! One happy client!

– Sean Kaye

These guys really know their business, from the cutting-edge technical side to outstanding design, their work is far superior to any other website and marketing company I’ve used. Their customer service is un-paralleled – they are there for their clients throughout the entire process to make sure projects are done right!

– Deborah Thornton

Managed Call Tracking



Everything Below Plus:

  • 1 Local Phone Number
  • 500 local Minutes
  • Tracking Number Integration
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Everything Below Plus:

  • 2 Local Phone Numbers
  • 1,000 Local Minutes
  • Tracking Number Integration
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Every Package Includes:


  • Phone Number Selection
  • Number Forwarding
  • Website and/or Campaign Integration


  • Call Recording And Tracking
  • Lead Population Into Dashboard
  • Call Tracking Reporting Metrics

Frequently Asked Questions

How does call tracking work?

Call tracking is the process of tracking phone leads by inserting a tracking number in your paid ads, marketing campaigns, landing pages and website to see which of your marketing efforts are producing results.

Once a call is made using the call tracking number, the system automatically redirects the call to your business phone number. During that time, our platform will track multiple metrics such as the calls source, caller ID, phone number, record the call, call duration and so much more.

What countries is this service available in?

Our call tracking service is currently available for USA clients only. However, we plan on expanding this to other countries in the future.

Do you also provide an answering service as well?

No, we do not answer the phone calls. All phone calls will be instantly forwarded to your business’s phone number for them to answer.

Do you get performance reports?

Yes, you can always view your call metrics such as call source, caller ID, phone number, call duration, listen to the call recording and so much more. You can easily view this growth dashboard by going to


Do I get to pick the call tracking number?

You can select what code you would like to use for your call tracking number, then our system will auto create and select a random number with that area code.

What happens if my business goes over the minutes included in the plan?

Once your business uses 90% of your minutes for the month, you’ll receive an email notification letting you know. A separate fee of $0.08 per minute will be charged for any overages.

If you ever cancel this service, does my business get to keep the call tracking number?

No, the call tracking number would just be canceled, and the campaigns should have your businesses regular business phone number replaced on them.