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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Domain Name?

Domain names were created to make IP addresses easy to remember. Every computer has an IP address assigned to it – much like a street address. But instead of having to memorize each IP address number, we assign domain names to these numbers so we can easily remember them. The domain name system, or DNS, takes domain names and translates them into their IP addresses so that computers can communicate with one another. When you enter a domain name into your web browser, the browser simply uses that domain to locate it’s corresponding IP address and then shows you the website associated with it. If you own a business, BlueBird can help you find a domain name that best suits the business so you can easily promote your website.

But BlueBird isn’t just about domain names. We’ve got everything you need to get online. From cheap web hosting and email hosting to building your website and attracting new customers, BlueBird has you covered.

Can I Get Help In My Domain Name Search?

Absolutely! Our domain name search tool can assist you by offering suggestions and alternatives to any domain you search. If you’re still having issues or just want some guidance, our world-class 24/7 support team is available to help lead you toward the best domain name possible for your business or personal use.

What If The Domain I Want Is Already Taken?

Don’t get discouraged in your domain name search if what you’re looking for is already taken. We have a couple of ways of dealing with such a situation. You can try our Domain Broker Service, where we negotiate acquiring the domain from its current owner. We also offer a Domain Backorder service, where you purchase a backorder credit to give you a chance to get the domain when it goes into auction.

Why Do I Need a Domain Name?

A domain name can serve as your distinct identity on the internet. if you want to promote yourself, your brand, or your business, a specialized domain name is essential. A domain that is tailored to your needs will make you look professional and capable and can boost your presence on the web so you get noticed. if you’re starting a business, a domain name search can help you become discoverable and accessible. We’ve got some fantastic tips to help you discover the most suitable name for your needs.

Is There a Limit on How Long or Short My Domain Can Be?

Typically, there is a limit to domain length, with the minimum being 1 character and the maximum being 63 characters. ideally, you want your domain name to accurately reflect your brand, whether it’s personal or business-oriented. We provide some guidelines for picking out a great domain name – whatever your situation may be.

Can I Purchase Any Domain Extension?

A handful of domains will have restrictions on them, which means you can only purchase them if you meet certain criteria of having authorization (some examples are .gov, .edu, and .mil). But most extensions are available to everyone. In fact, most country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDSs) are available for anyone to purchase, even if you don’t reside in the country in question.